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There are a variety of ways you can help conserve the Pueo. A citizen scientist can report sightings, participate in organized surveys and use photography to document behaviors, breeding phenology, prey items and more. ​ If you are interested in becoming a citizen scientist you may review the Volunteer Information Form and begin your path as citizen scientist! 

If you are interested in contributing to the Pueo Project and prefer to be a casual observer, please submit observations to the Pueo Project through the websites: eBird or iNaturalist. Please include photos with your observation. To submit observations visit:



Both of these sites are a great tool for wildlife and bird identification and information.

If you can commit 8 hours biweekly to the Pueo Project please contact us via pueoproject@gmail.com with "Pueo Volunteer Program" as the subject, your name, contact information and prior experience with wildlife or bird surveys and hiking ability. 

Depending on your preference, you can submit a pueo sighting through a web app, form, eBird or iNaturalist database. Mahalo!

Report a Pueo sighting! 

If you have seen a Pueo... please contribute to our project by sending your sighting!  

Pueo gallery
Pueo gallery

Before submitting a report, please make sure that you have identified the species correctly. Barn owls are more common than Pueo on Oahu and often misidentified as that species. Please click on the following links to gather more information about the species or on the images to visit the galleries.

Information about the Pueo or Hawaiian Short-eared Owl

Information about the Barn Owl

Tips for identifying owl species: Pueo vs Barn Owl

Pueo gallery

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