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Contribute your pueo sightings! 

Have you seen a pueo? Any and all observations of pueo are valuable data that can be used in our research. Community scientists like you contribute greatly to studies like ours by maximizing the reach of our observations. 

The best way to submit general sightings of pueo are on eBird, a global online database of bird observations. We use eBird data to estimate pueo population size and distribution. For more information about using eBird, visit their “Getting Started” page here

For more specific data types such as observations of breeding behavior, pueo nests, owl pellets, or a dead pueo, please use the resources and form below to submit that data to us!

Special Observations

Before submitting a report, please make sure that you have identified the species correctly. Barn owls are more common than Pueo on Oahu and often misidentified as that species. Please click on the following links to gather more information about the species or on the images to visit the galleries.

Information about the Pueo or Hawaiian Short-eared Owl

Information about the Barn Owl

Tips for identifying owl species: Pueo vs Barn Owl

Pueo gallery

Please also read the Observation Types page before submitting a report. Please submit a separate report for each individual observation.

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