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What to do if you find a sick or injured Pueo

Please contact:

Department of Land and Natural Resources:

Division of Forestry and Wildlife: 973-9778 and 587-0166. 

Division of Conservation and Resource Enforcement 24-hour hotline: 587-0077.

Jason Misaki – Wildlife manager: 973-9786 (office) 295-5896 (cell).

State Division of Forestry and Wildlife (for advice and potential transfer to rehab facility)

Daily 7:30am-4:30pm


Hawaiʻi Wildlife Center responds to sick and injured native birds throughout the State and its Wildlife Hospital is located on Hawaiʻi Island. Phone: (808) 884-5000. Website:

Please also read this information courtesy of Hawai'i Wildlife Center:


1. Find and prepare an appropriate-sized container.

  • Use a cardboard box, plastic tub or dog/cat carrier large enough for the bird to comfortably sit or stand in.

  • Place a clean, soft cloth with no strings, loops or holes on the bottom. A T-shirt is a good example.

  • Make sure there are air holes in the lid.


2. Use caution and protect yourself.

  • Cover the bird with a lightweight towel, t-shirt, or small sheet, depending on the size of the bird

  • The feet and talons (sharp nails) are dangerous in addition to the beak. Great caution should be used to prevent injury to you. If possible, call HWC immediately for instructions.


3. Gently pick up the covered bird and place it in the prepared container.


4. Do not give food or water to the bird and do not leave any in the container or bag.


5. Secure the lid of the box, or roll the top of the paper bag closed and secure with a paper clip or tape.


6. Place the container/bag in a quiet and dark place, away from people, animals and loud noises.


7. Wash your hands if you handled the bird without gloves.


8. Contact and deliver the bird to HWC as soon as possible during business hours. If it is after hours keep the bird in the container in a dark, quiet, and warm area until the next morning.


In Hawai’i it is against the law to keep any wildlife without appropriate rehabilitation permits, even if you plan on releasing them.

Other useful contacts licensed for rehabilitation on Oahu:

The Pet Doctor, Honolulu

(808) 721-7477

Kailua Animal Clinic, Kailua

(808) 263-8863


Hawaiian Humane Society (24-hr rescue/emergency pickup): 946-2187

Sea Life Park (all seabirds, no ducks, no pickup but they do rehabilitation):

24 hours/day


Wild Bird Rehab Haven: 447-9274


Doctors of Veterinary Medicine:

Douglas Chang

Aloha Animal Hospital

4224 Waialae Avenue

Honolulu,  HI 96816



Eric Ako

4400 Kalanianaole Hwy Ste 6

Honolulu, HI 96821



Mark Caspers

Feather and Fur Animal Hospital

25 Kaneohe Bay Drive, Suite 132

Kailua, HI 96734


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