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Kaleiheana-a-Pōhaku Stormcrow

Graduate student

Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Management

University of Hawaii at Manoa. 
Email: kstormcr (at)

Kaleiheana is a graduate student in the Hawaiʻi Wildlife Ecology Lab where they are pursuing a MSc. in Natural Resources and Environmental Management. Kalei grew up in Southern Maine and Koʻolaupoko, and developed a deep relationship to the land in both places, as well as in California and the Pacific Northwest, where they spent the last 18 years. Kalei lived in Oakland for some years, where they were a falconry apprentice before moving to Oregon. They received a BS in Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences at Oregon State University with a focus in ecosystem dynamics. Kalei spent the last two summers working with Northern Goshawks in Colville National Forest, Washington. They are particularly interested in the intersection of conservation and culture. That interest paired with their love of raptors brought them home to Hawaiʻi to study Pueo, Hawaiian Short-eared Owl. 

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Thesis Research

Coming soon...

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