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The Pueo project at the 24th Annual Hawai‘i Conservation Conference


The Pueo project was present at the 24th Annual Hawai‘i Conservation Conference.

A poster about the project was presented "Distribution of Pueo or Hawaiian Short-eared Owl: Utilizing Citizen Science to Aid Monitoring Surveys" by Dr. Javier Cotin and Dr. Melissa R. Price.

The HCC congress used the iPoster technology (so instead of the traditional posters, our work was displayed both in a computer and a big screen). More than a poster, it almost looked like a pseudo-website, as we could attach several pictures, sounds, maps and sublayers of information.

During the poster presentation time we had the chance to discuss and share our project and passion about the Pueo with other researchers and congress participants. So far thanks to the participation of the general public and citizen scientist we have more than 40 new Pueo sightings! the same number of observations gathered be e-bird since 1993 on O'ahu!

The HCC itself was a great opportunity to meet other great conservation projects of the Hawaiian Islands!

Now the Pueo surveys are about to start, and the next congress will be the World Owl Conference which will take place at Évora, Portugal by the end of September 2017.

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