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Owls in the dark... or the tale of the Pueo surveys

Aloha Pueo lovers!

Today we have carried out the Pueo survey number 40! Thanks to all the people that has been helping us, especially Kristy Lam, Afsheen Siddiqi and Lucho Verdesoto. They are our most experienced birders!

We have been enjoying great sunsets all over O'ahu (I'll be posting some more pictures soon). We still have a long way to go (at least 65 more survey points)...

Some days we have been lucky enough to see some Pueo (two Pueo seen last week! One just today, and we could take some nice pictures!).

We also have detected some Barn Owls (3 the last week!). We had the chance to photograph one of them. Even if it cannot be seen in the picture... the barn owl was staring at a cat... two introduced predators in the same area.

Hopefully we get to see some more Pueo in the remaining survey points!

Way to go Pueo!

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